COLLIAS Descent and Cycling Episodes for this new season in Kayak vert

Many tourism professionals came to test the activities offered by Kayak Fair, namely kayaking and electric-assisted cycling. The idea is that they are living the adventure themselves to better pass it on to their clients this summer. (Marie Monnier/Objective Guard)

On Tuesday morning, about thirty tourism professionals tested the activities offered by Kayak vert. This is probably the best way to advise its clients in the area. In the program: Gardon 9 km descent by canoe and electric mountain bike tour between Pont du Gard and Osig.

Team Kayak Vert launched last year into electric bike rentals. They are the only ones in Collias that offer this service. ” We wanted to complete our activity, especially since the green road is next to Uzès and Beaucaire.Five cycle loops are available between nature and heritage. And nothing stops cyclists from making small turns as they wish. A total of 28 mountain bikes and a hybrid bike are available for hire.

If the Kayak vert team chooses this new activity, it is also to please their customers with a “sports package”. ” Sometimes customers find 8 km of paddling too fast and too short. It is not always possible to traverse the longer slopes upstream because the water level is too low”, explains Anthony Boyer. Thus visitors can combine the two activities during the day.

It remains to be seen if the formula will find its audience this summer. Kayak vert has been open since April 4 to start its 44th season. It is the oldest boat rental company, having settled in Collias in 1978. Other structures have opened over the years in response to the attraction of families for swimming and the Pont du Gard. Kayak vert has had three angels on its head since its launch. Tenancy also suffered from the Gardon Centennial Flood in 2002: “ The water reached the level of the bridge deck. There are only three walls of the office left, and all the equipment has gone into the water,” tells Benjamin Armand, the current owner who bought it in 2011. Since then, everything has been very fortunately rebuilt, and the structure continues to ride the wave of success.

Marie Monnier

For the disembarkation of the canoe it is necessary to calculate 24 euros per adult, 20 euros per teenager and 12 euros per 6/12 years old. Less than six years old, activity is not authorized for security reasons. Mountain biking is also open from the age of six. It is necessary to charge €35 per person for half-day rent and €50 per day. For the canoe/mountain bike formula, it’s also 50€.

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