‘Climate Change’ Class Action Lawsuit

UN IPCC and related green activist groups; Federal, state, and local entities; university; foundation; non-profit groups; and many companies argue that the world will fall apart without policies designed to change America’s current energy system and economy. However, a green agenda designed to eradicate fossil fuels would inflict enormous economic damage on ordinary Americans and the economy as a whole—and would do the same to other countries. This is true even though the “climate change” model has never been fully and objectively examined, so there is no solid evidence to justify this upheaval.

Nevertheless, the American Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and, indeed, nearly every federal agency and their federally funded cohorts in many state agencies are committed to decarbonization. This applies to commitments that they admit they do not know how to implement, that they cannot ascertain the final cost, and that they cannot determine the overall consequences of their policies.

Denial Yergin, in his work New Map, explains that current energy systems take 100 years to develop. To change it in a few decades is simply impossible. He predicts that we will move toward decarbonization, albeit at a slower pace than currently targeted. He further claims that the “climate change” debate is over, even if the green winners are proven wrong and trillions of dollars wasted. But should we accept that the debate that never really happened was more?

Ernest J. Moniz (Secretary of Energy under President Obama and Professor at MIT) and Daniel Yergin wrote the report in a February 2019 report, entitled Advancing the Clean Energy Innovation Landscape, Breakthrough Energy, which discusses the way forward towards decarbonization. They describe how all government entities, all foundations and universities, and all private companies must coordinate (read: be told what to do) to achieve the goal of saving the planet. This is an extraordinary collectivist plan and anti-market scope with total control given to DC’s central planning. Amazingly, the report reflects what the Department of Education has done to coordinate all players since Biden’s arrival at the White House.

Nevertheless, it is clear that there are no solid scientific findings that justify a complete overhaul of the fossil fuel economy to remove carbon, ostensibly to save the world from destruction due to higher temperatures. IPCC modeling is indeed scientific. The court will consider the action to be taken on such weak evidence as unjustifiable.

So what to do? We need a class action lawsuit in federal court (and in some state courts) challenging the “climate change” justification for all the green actions now underway. No green act can be justified based on computer models that don’t even say what their creators programmed them to say. Evidence at trial will prove that the potential for economic and individual damage is enormous. Of course, trillions of dollars were at stake, through business crashes and job losses, for no other reason than the “little chicken” hysteria.

The core issue is whether “climate change” can be scientifically verified. Otherwise, there is no justification for the green agenda and should be abandoned.

What potential climate damage can be measured over time? Again, such verification that looks decades in the future is beyond human capabilities.

The first act of any court should be to issue an order to halt all green agenda actions based on the “climate change” hypothesis, due to the massive damage to the economy. Then, courts can review scientific data to determine whether “climate change” is a real threat to the planet and, therefore, America. A study assessing costs and benefits would be very useful. The damage to long-suffering Americans can be determined and rendered.

No such objective investigation has ever been carried out. This is long overdue.


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