April 2022 Global Scuba Diving Fins April 2022 Top competitors take part in the study at Speedo, Afras, Squabro, Ritual Diving, Aqua Lounge

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected all sectors across the globe, and the diving fins market is no exception. With the global economy approaching a major recession in the wake of the 2009 crisis, Cognitive Market Research has published a recent study that carefully examines the effects of this crisis on the global scuba fin … Read more

How to avoid pain on the plane?

Do you suffer from earache when traveling? Often this pain is caused by a decrease in atmospheric pressure, and this pain is actually normal. “we talk traumatic otitislike what can happen in scuba diving,” explains Dr. Amin Harishan, pediatric otolaryngologist and cervical and facial surgery. Also called Barotrauma, it is a ear tissue damage. The … Read more

Frédérique Bel, free spirit in a house of bubbles: “I was told I make a lot of them … and I love it! »

by Charlotte VanBevere More than just a “minute blond”, a long conversation with a brunette who decided to live in complete freedom. Limits, Frédérique Bel has none. Compliance isn’t his thing, either. That doesn’t stop the actress, Cannes red-carpet star and jeweler in her home renovation, from being “a trilobite” as she says to French … Read more

Mediterranean: Already 33 shells taken from the wreck of Alice Robert by demining divers

Banned from diving for nearly two years, due to the dangerousness of his weapon, a fifth campaign of “fireworks decontamination” is taking place on Alice Robert (commonly known as the Bana Tree) located at a depth of 45 metres, between Argeles and Port Seal. A sensitive session led by the French Navy’s demining divers group … Read more

Play Azur Festival 2022: The Festivities Program on GAMERGEN.COM This is a crazy weekend (with a very exclusive)

Fifth Edition of Play Azure Festival It will open its doors tomorrow and the day after the 14th and 15th of May 2022. Over the weekend, web culture (Youtubeweb series…), pop culture (cosplay, video games, SF, comics, manga, steampunkand Japanese culture…) and new technologies (science, robotics, merchandising…) will be present. For six years, we’ve shared … Read more

dark blue tide? Dive into the presidential election of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais mining region

Despite his travels between the towers of Lens, Liévin and Carvin, Emmanuel Macron was unable to convince the inhabitants of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais mining region. During the second round of the presidential election, voters in the region largely voted for the National Rally candidate. Thus, Marine Le Pen ranks first in almost all cities of this … Read more