Carol Gessler in Calanques Marseille and Cusquerque Cave due to ‘Roots and Wings’

this year, Kalank National Park celebrates its tenth anniversary!


roots and wings invites you to discover Koskir CaveLocated 35 meters below sea level.

Quascar Cave
Quascar Cave
Original Silver Vanreal Lock, MC DRAC, SRA PACA

A moment rich in emotions and extraordinary images.

Discover the cave in several stages Between 1985 and 1991 prohibited to the public. It is the only underwater cave decorated with rock paintings in France.. Prehistoric treasure!

June 4, Will be Opening to the public From a duplicate of a file Grotto in the Villa Méditerranée in Marseille.

Mosaic Cave
Mosaic Cave
Drac Paka Sarah Luke Vanrell

in preview This morning France Blue VaucluseCarol Geisler gives us the latest secrets of the Kalanchoe and the original cave…

Why can’t we visit him anymore?

For over a year, teams have been “Roots and Wings” Follow the work of the scientists responsible for preserving Coskere Cave.

This is the true gem of French heritage who discovered it diver henry cosker, Paintings and engravings of men and women who lived here in streams more than 20,000 years ago!

Henry Cusker discovered the cave in 1985
Henry Cusker discovered the cave in 1985 © Radio France
Fabian Lido

Cosquier Cave, a unique natural site in France, is threatened with extinction due to rising water levels.

she The only one in France To decorate the cave paintings. difference France 3 So I followed the very meticulous and difficult work done by the technicians, and this is the extraordinary document that we will be able to discover This Wednesday, May 25 at 9:10 p.m. In this special issue “Treasures of the Mediterranean” in France 3 9:10 PM, Submitted by Carol Geisler Who bought a few years ago House in Beaumont-de-Pertoise.

Carol Geisler
Carol Geisler © Radio France
France TV
Carol Geisler
Carol Geisler © Radio France
© Radio France – Martin Breuer

History of the discovery of Coskere Cave.

Cosker Cave was discovered in several stages. Since 1985 Henry Cusker, diving instructor and diver, He begins to get acquainted with the siphon of long access underwater (the entire path under the water is 175 m, including 116 m where it is impossible to reach the surface). And then, around July of 1991, the discoveries would follow one another, and Henri Cusquier, with his friends, would leave the sea to enter the cave on foot and discover its wonders. So it will be announced on September 3, 1991, after a tragic event: on September 1, 1991, four divers enter the long gut leading to the cave, but are not sufficiently prepared … Only one will return alive.

Watch Henry Cusker talk about the cave

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