Carcassonne: When scuba-diving becomes an option for the BA in Professional Photography

It is a novelty that appears at the Saint Francois Vocational School in Carcassonne. The second and first students recently had the opportunity to go diving in Cap d’Agde as part of their training.

Created at Saint Francois High School in Carcassonne just two years ago, the Professional Bac in Photography has been offered the option of scuba diving this year. A golden opportunity for second and first year students to practice photography from a whole new angle. This project was born thanks to the many teachers from Saint-François High School who were already fans of diving. “We had the idea even before the Bac pro photo was made. We knew it was possible‘ exclaims Karen Bousafi, a photography teacher at Saint Francois High School.

Rich cruise

First, the high school students had to do their first dip, which lasted about twenty minutes with the association Abyss Plongée du Cap d’Agde. They were also accompanied by the world champion of underwater video, Laurent Minot. After getting acquainted with the equipment, in particular oxygen cylinders, they dived to a depth of several meters, fins on their feet, to capture underwater plants and animals. Starfish, corals, shells and even an octopus were immortalized by students stationed at four different locations, taking underwater photos and videos.

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“It’s a great opportunity that high school gives us. It allows us to stand out”, Announces Leah, a Premiere’s disciple. “It wasn’t easy at first with the bottles because we’re not used to breathing through our mouths,” Another first-year student says. Photography teacher Karen Busavi sees an important teaching advantage in this. “They also gain experience because they have had to face new pictorial constraints with currents or fin strokes that make the sand move,” She explained. Thanks to this option, students hope to pass a diver’s certificate of the first level, which testifies to a certain mastery of scuba diving: they can dive to a depth of 20 meters.

Other excursions are planned in the future for students in this sector, who are eagerly waiting to set off again to capture the Mediterranean seabed.

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