Captains (Future) for industry in full sail

Edhec Cruise Race gathers over 1,700 students in Brittany around sailing for Europe’s largest student event. Belgian team highlights

After a few weeks of training on the venerable Sea Cabinier Gaspard VII, bags were strapped and stacked with boots, oil leather and other life jackets, and the Ulyc (University Louvain Yacht Club) crew set out on the road in the direction of Lorient. The students of Louvain-la-Neuve, coming from different colleges but all the leaders of this sailing club, rented their boat there for Good week of regattas and racing off Port du Crouesty.

From 4 to 9 April, 180 boats compete in Quiberon Bay for the The 54th Edition of Edhec Cruise RaceIt is a French business school with branches in Paris, Lille and Nice in particular. Trophée Mer and several regattas are the sacred historical grail of this A competition organized by and for students. But it was supplemented for several years by a multi-sport competition (Trophée Terre) and several tournaments on the beach (Trophée Sable).



A week of competition for 1,700 students, representing one hundred schools from 7 countries, over 10,000 visitors, over 10,000 packed lunches distributed and 35,000 liters of beer!

Pharaonic organization for “simple” students: a “day” village for reception and meeting, a “night” village for subsequent parties, an area of ​​10,000 square meters each, 1700 participants athletes from a hundred schools at 7 countriesmore than 10,000 visitors During the week of the competition, up to 3,000 visitors and participants during the weekends, distributing more than 10,000 packed lunches and 35,000 liters of beer!

Budget of 1.6 million

“For the ports and villages that welcome us, seeing 2,000 to 3,000 students disembark for a week out of season is a bit surprising.”

Solal Vallejo Gomez

Edhec Cruise Race Official Spokesperson

The organizing team includes 50 people (25 in the first year of Edhec and many in the second year) I have been working on this project for two years. “Especially since it was necessary to restart the whole process after cancellation in the past two years,” testifies Solal Vallejo-Gomez, a CEC spokesperson. This team implements the project from start to finish (A Budget of more than 1.6 million euros), from negotiating with host ports, which varies each year, to the daily logistics during Regatta Week. “The race got something in particular Reputation in more than 50 years We are under the supervision and support of professionals. But for the ports and villages that welcome us, seeing 2,000 to 3,000 students drop off for a week out of season is a bit surprising,” he admits.

For Olek, this is not the first participation but rather a comeback after a few years of absence. “The club has already lined up there on several occasions. The first time, over thirty years ago. But our participation is quite erratic, it depends on the desire of the crew. It is all the same. A serious project to implementr”, says Guillaume Menu, Dean of the Ulyc Company.

Logistics will be provided, funds will be provided to finance the rental of a boat, registration fees, etc. Then a few practice sessions on Mer Gaspard, the club’s boat, to defend his regatta fortunes. and the Leuven students do not deserve Since at the end of the regattas (unfortunately they were cut short for two days of sailing due to a storm), they took fifth place in the general classification and in The first 100% student crew. Some boats offer the services of a professional skipper or the owner invites students on board to participate in the competition.

Festive but not only

Just a big 24 hour bike student party, is this race Edhec? Festive certainly, but not only. first becauseWe don’t mess with security, both for general organization and within crews. The sea does not tolerate mistakes or omissions. And then because this large gathering of students from universities or large schools is also Big gathering of recruitswho do not hide it.

“Considering the population out there, it’s also a great showcase for casual recruitment and marketing.”

William Menu

Dean of the Yachting Club of the University of Louvain (ULEK)

Our boys received from Ulyc Support from some sponsors Such as Walloon County Brabant, Energreen, Rubber Green, Bertinchamps or Sonama. “Given the current population, it’s also a great showcase for casual recruitment and marketing,” Guillaume Menu attests. EY drink here, good stuff there, Companies do not shy away from the opportunity to target this chosen audience. Of the eight Belgian team members, there are for example only future engineers, whether biological, civil, industrial, architectural, commercial or acoustic.

The event is sponsored by a major consulting firm, tech or fintech players, who are doing their best to attract future managers. The organization also puts everything in its proper place Facilitate these connections between students and companies. Event Village presents itself as “France’s first informal employment forum”. Because Sailing conveys unpolluted values ​​in the business worldsuch as coordination, teamwork, multi-tasking management, goal-focused, mutual assistance … not to mention that for organizers and participants, comprehensive project which had to be managed “to get to the right place”.

Project “Royal” kot

Rarely are project facilities, these student accommodations at UCLouvain which includes a social project, to be able to display the Royal qualifications, which have been awarded by minors for over 50 years. Olek University of Leuven Yacht ClubIt should be the only one. Born in Leuven (Leuven) in 1964The sailing club then established its main port at Woolwe in the 1970s before finally docking Louvain La Nov.

How do we explain such continuity of the student club? Guillaume Menu, current dean from Ulyc, explains, “The club was set up as an ASBL long before it became a kot project. So we have a board of directors that helps us manage the legacy and graduates who keep investing.” Then we make sure Part of the team renews every year So you don’t get a sudden break. allowing Transfer of knowledge and procedures. “

The aim of the club, confirmed by the Kot à Projet Club (KàP), is to offer sailing to as many people as possible. Ulyc has her own Private fleet of boats and 35-foot cabin crew. “This also explains the continuity. We find our audience year after year.” KàP mode also gives logistical support from UCLouvain and some Vision on campus.

Led by a team of dozens of students, Ulyc offers sailing lessons in Louvain-la-Neuve, but also Weekend boat in Zeeland Twice a year and cruises every Weekends at the 7th Gaspard Sea, the 35-foot-tall Ulyc cabin, based in Nieuwpoort. The boat also runs cruises throughout the summer From north to south from Brittany for one-week courses. All these activities, and some festive evenings or navigators’ conferences, make it possible to finance the maintenance of the boats. “Throughout the year, the club has been Financial self-sufficiency, even if not all activities are in balance. But it helps maintain access to prices,” the list notes.


  • For a week, students from a hundred universities competed in regattas and various sports competitions in Quiberon Bay.
  • The 54th Edhec Cruise Race is also a premier recruitment and marketing fair for its target audience.
  • A Belgian team from Louvain-la-Neuve excelled there.

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