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In front of him is a two-time world champion. He was succeeded by the Tokyo Olympic champion. Brittain Titoan Castrick is only 17 years old – still young! – He created a sensation on Sunday by climbing the podium in the first international race of the season in Reunion. “My first goal was to go to the final, which was really quite a challenge because there was still a very good picture, he admitted the day after the competition. But after looking for a podium, it was really unexpected!” Especially for the first official competition among the greats!

“It shakes the hierarchy!”

“I am very proud of Tetouan, and I congratulate his father, Frédéric Kastrick, the regional technical advisor. The fact that he has already made it to the senior circuit and is confirming his World Junior Championship title is fantastic! He is shaking up the hierarchy among the seniors. In 2024, he could be a fiery young client Seriously! »

Capped among the juniors last July in Tacen (Slovenia), this time Rennais was invited in the midst of two giants of discipline: Slovenian Peter Kauser, two-time world champion (and vice Olympic champion at Rio 2016), and Czech Jiri Prskavec (third), world number one and champion Olympic ruling. “I didn’t really understand, continues Tituan Castrick. I got to the bottom and saw that I was ahead and there wasn’t much left after me. Suddenly, I started believing in him a little bit. There’s a rival mistaken right after me, and suddenly I got on the podium and after that it was just fun.”

In the Paris 2024 race?

Of course, at the beginning of July in Italy, he will try to defend the world’s junior crown that he grabbed in his first season in this category. But this performance opens up his prospects for a chance to join the France A team early when he is still young (one year left in this category) and not yet an adult (he will turn 18 in August). This will allow him to continue strengthening himself among the best in the context of the World Cup and other major events. Therefore, he will have to slip into the top three of the selections for Team France, which will compete from April 23-25 ​​in Vaires-sur-Marne.

Meanwhile, Titoan Castrick now embodies another Olympic hope for Brittany. Has he already got the regularity needed to shine from Paris 2024?

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