Canoe kayak. La Barisienne Claire Jacquet or beware of the sleeping water

French Cup (N1)

This Sunday, in Bezanos

After the fall…the recoil. But in the supposed twilight of an international career, a quarter century of white water sailing, putting on the paddle no longer offers quite the same flavor as on the first day. However, Ancervillo-Barisienne Claire Jacquet did just that. No redefining tasks but a more sensual approach to things for the last Euro bronze medalist team: “After my disappointment with the Olympic choices, there was a natural relaxation. I have to go professional and I’ve been going 17-10 sessions per week, but I run and bike, And let’s say hiking complements my physical condition as well.My dominant idea is to keep a cash register.Let’s say I am currently moving more on instinct.

“I act more on the basis of feeling but I’m still a competitor”

The opening round of the Coupe de France, at Lannion, encouraged him in this approach. Where expected and favorite Lucy Bodeau missed her role, Claire Jacquet, third, validated her ticket for the selection tours to be held in two weeks in Vaires-sur-Marne. Basin with a rising stream, not exactly the terrain of Meusienne’s expression: “The Olympic selections were played there. Thanks to the qualification I won in Lannion, I was able to take the course this weekend in Vaires without telling myself it was going to be in the wind and not be futile. And I assure It is a pool where you must have cash.

As a result, the Coupe de France tour scheduled for this weekend, in Bizanos on the outskirts of Pau, where Barisienne has lived for a few years, can be approached through a certain separation. But she is qualified: “I act more on the feel but I’m still a competition. Right before the selection tests, everyone wants to do well. Even if I eventually think I’ll be kept choosing freelance work, Lanyon was a surprise … “The CEO is ready to do it one more time.

Lauren Qualifiers: H. Laitimier (Golbey-Epinal, C1H), H. and C. Monasse, L. Latimier, N. Perdron, M. Biazizzo, M. Aubertin (Golbey-Epinal, K1H), I. Gonseth (Golbey-Epinal, K1D) ), T. L’huillier, B. Dodane, T. Blaise (Nancy/Tomblaine C1H), E. Hugues, J. Budzinski (Nancy/Tomblaine, C1D), J. C. Haquard (Ancerville-Bar-le-Duc, K1H) , M. Tulpin, E. Kempf (Ancerville-Bar-le-Duc, C1H), Z. Laurent (Ancerville-Bar-le-Duc, C1D)

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