Canoe kayak. It ended up at Pôle France in Nancy

The departure of the Pôle France coach from Nancy last June, not replacing him, then suddenly, the coach hoping to slalom to join France magnate Vaires-sur-Marne, raised legitimate concerns about the future of the top-tier in a duchy. Concerns shared by the athletes involved but also conveyed by the Métropole du Grand Nancy and CREPS at Essey-lès-Nancy, host of the Pole’s inhabitants. The consultative meeting that took place this Thursday in Nancy in the presence of the President of the French Federation of Boating, Jean Zugrana, is unfortunately inaccessible, and does not indicate any positive result. Hervé Veron, Metropolis Vice President in charge of sports, also bitterly lamented: “It was a polite and civil exchange but it was hidden behind the arguments of the National Sports Agency (ANS). It bothered me that the horizon of 2024 and high-level sports in the regions had been reduced to a variable budget adjustment

Clubs instead of Pôle Espoir?

With the creation of the ANS (2017), the funding body responsible for supporting the transformation of French sport, especially with the vision of the Olympic Games 2024, the high-level sectors are currently experiencing some turmoil. In rowing, the option of stationing the best athletes in the Olympic basin of Vaires-sur-Marne and France Pole mechanically dumped France Pole’s maintenance in Nancy among collateral damage.

“We have been made to understand that we have come to the end of the Pôle France de Nancy. Now there is also the future of slalom and Hope Pole sprints.

However, the federation has also made it clear that it wants to rely on clubs bearing the “Parcours d’excellence” label, to which we can object that a structure like ours, CREPS, has the know-how “of accompaniment (school planning, accompanying medical medicine, etc.) club, ‘that’s what Luc Marshall, director of CREPS d’Essey, defends. The next exit out of the water for a brand-new swimming pool in the slalom race at Epinal, where the competitive culture and knowledge of the local club, GESN, has been entrenched suggests that a sprint alone cannot survive on “Our ‘optimistic’ athletes are also schoolchildren, which is why we should have our fix in February, before the end of coursup registrations (Editor’s note: March 29),” concludes Luke Marshall. It’s up to the Grand Est Regional Boating Committee Kayak to make their own choices.

The Pôle Espoir de Nancy currently consists of 10 residents in the slalom, and 7 in the row.

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