Canoe kayak. European Slalom Championships: Mixed last day for Breton

Three Britons competed on the final day of the European Slalom Slalom Championships in Slovakia: Nicholas Justin (Kimberly) and Myoen Diplekoy (Cison Sevigny) in rowing and Camille Pregent (Renne) in Extreme-Salalom. None of them made it to the final. However, Camille Pregent was opportunistic in the quarter to win his place in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, his failed start does not allow him to qualify for the final and thus these European slalom tournaments end with a title in K1Dame by the teams.

Also disappointment to Venetian Nicolas Justin (Kimberley) who was more expected after finishing seventh in qualifying. His half was well within what he’s usually able to produce: a lack of pace from the middle of the road and a penalty at gate 11, he was still a worlds last fourth away from the final: fellow countryman Denis Gargod-Chanute approached 17 by ten seconds. Thus, the European champions Kimberlo must be forgotten, who will return to training after a little rest next week, before traveling to the World Cups in Prague and Krakow in eight days.

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Britton’s beautiful surprise on that day is called Mewen Debliquy. At 18 years old, the person who is currently only 152nd in the world has won the 12th place very well. Small frustration is the same because he only failed 26 percent of the final. Extremely focused, the Bretillien confidently sailed through his gates without risking. So comfortable with the main characters on the course, he definitely misses getting to the final in the race to the finish, breaking his pace on a small crippling cross. Nevertheless promising for the future. France’s Marjorie Delassus won silver in the women’s C1 class, a good omen ahead of the world championships to be held in Augsburg from July 23-31.

consequences :

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: 1- Franklin (GBR) 113.35; 2 – Marjorie Delassus (France) 115.07; 3-. Viserova (Czechoslovakia) 115.77.000

Canoe gentlemen. semi final: 1. Denis Gargod-Channot (France) 101.23 … 12. M. Dibeleky (France) 105.36; 17. N. GESTIN (FRA) 110.48 (+2 pen).

ultimate: 1 – Savsek (SLO) 100.44; 2 – Tasiadis (GER) 101.01; 3. Trave (ESP) 102.17 … 9. Denis Jargod-Channot (France) 153.42 (+50 pens)

Slalom Xtreme:

Lady: 1. Fiserova (CZE); 2- Franklin (Britain); 3-Novak (SLO); 4. Connell (Australia)

Male: 1. Rohrer (SUI); 2. Leitner (AUT); 3. Oschmautz (AUT)

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