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Only one Breton qualified for the final in kayak, men and women combined, at the European Slalom Championships in Slovakia, this Saturday.

Among the men, Briochen Malu Koumenor, who finished sixth in qualifying on Thursday and 11th in the semi-finals, started as usual at a brisk pace. Split 1 and 2 was good, and it was up front. Navigation was smooth, no penalty waived to the finish line, but the middle portion of the track seemed to be inside on the chassis speed side. Which ultimately resulted in a slightly slower time than he had in the half: 100.31 instead of 98.42 in net time. In provisional second place behind Czech Ondrej Tonka, the 2017 world champion, the Quéméneur saw the candidates who rushed behind him to improve his time and pass to the front. Finally, it was Czech Jerry Preskewicz, who ran in the replays on day one, who won a new European Champion title, his fifth.

For Breton, this European Championship however is very positive: he will be able to count on the quality of his navigation and ability to pass the stages up to the final and a gap very close to the best European players to build his season even at the worlds, which will take place in Augsburg from 23-31 July.

Quéméneur, Castryck and Prigent races at the Xtrem-Salom event

On Saturday afternoon, the Xtrem-Slalom events begin, from 3:40 p.m., with trials, which consist of individually doing the course of this discipline that will enter the Olympic program at the Paris 2024 Games. Objective: jump from a 5-meter cliff, slalom chain A giant tracked into large areas of white water skimming in the fastest time to qualify for the quarter-final table, where a head-to-head spot will be awarded at 4th. There is no longer a question of time: you have to finish in the first two to move on to the next round, right up to the final.

On Sunday, then place in the semi-finals and final for a woman-man with five French running boats, including Bretons Mewen Debliquy (Cesson-Sévigné) and Nicolas Gestin (Quimperlé), from 9:05 a.m.


Women’s kayak, final: 1 – Stephanie Horn (ITA) and Elena Mintalova (SVK) 107.24; 3 – Mr. Franklin (Britain) 110.29 (+2 pens); 10. E. Vuitton (France) 127.22 (+4 pens).

Men’s kayaking, final: 1 – Jiri Prskavec (RTC) 96.35; 2 – c. De Gennaro (ITA) 97.67; 3. F. Oschmautz (AUT) 99.45 (+2 pens); 7. M. QUEMENEUR (FRA) 100.31.

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