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The first day of the European Championship slalom slalom, in Liptovsky Mikulas (Slovakia) was marked by the first title of the French delegation. If Camille Pregent (KC Reign) had to work in the morning in individual qualifiers, she did it with compatriot Romain Pregent (Bau) and Emma Vuitton (Morett) almost perfect race in the afternoon to win the European title by teams. In a broom crossing with a line on the difficult Slovak road, the French got ahead of the English, who made a mistake in the middle of the race, severely punishing the Poles.

On the men’s side, we will remember the flawless navigation and all that controls Briochin Malo Quémeneur, sixth in Q1 which allows him to qualify directly for the semi-finals. So he was full of confidence and intended to play the lead roles on Saturday.

Alongside him we will find Junior World Champion Titouan Kastrik (Sison Sevigny), who has withstood the pressure of Q2 as only ten of 42 can join the top 20 qualifying for the first quarter in the first half. Titoan Kastrik corrected the errors of the first round by being more offensive. He finished seventh in the second quarter.

The men on the podium

In the men’s kayaking, the team’s race was exciting with the trio of Britons Kimnor and Castrick tied to Parisien Maduro. They believed in the podium for a long time, but a touch VAR saw of late propelled them to fifth. Cruel disappointment.

On Friday, it’s time for the women’s and men’s boat competitions with Finisterin Nicolas Justin (Kimberly) and Myoen Debelekoy (Cison Sevigny) who will be present at the team races. They will link up with 2016 Olympic champion and 2021 European champion Denis Gargod-Chanute and hope to fight for the title.

Results :

Ladies paddling.

Q1 Qualifying Round: 1. Mallory Franklin (Great Britain) 95.68 … 11. R. Pregent (France) 99.88 (+2 pencils).

Qualifying Round Q2: 1. Eva Alina Hocevar (SLO) 101.00… 2. E. Vuitton (FRA) 101.08; 3. C-Pregent (France) 101.35.

Team race: 1. France (Camel Pregent / Emma Vuitton / Romain Pregent) 115.30 (+2 pen); 2. Great Britain.

rowing men;

Q1 Qualifiers: 1. Felix Auschmautz (Australia) 86.93 … 6. M. Kimnor (France) 89.73. Quarterly Round Two: 1. Jerry Preskewicz (Czech Republic) 87.72; 3. Titouan Castric (France) 91.36 (+2 pencils). Team race : 1. Czech Republic … 5. France (Quemeneur / Castryck / Madore) 103.43 (+ 4 pens.).

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