Brigitte Hubert: “We should have been more demanding with Gerard Lopez and the club’s management”

The mayor said to himself,Disappointed, sorry and sad“For Excel Mouscron, he is at best relegated to the D2 Amateur next season, but risks his second bankruptcy in his history, thirteen years after his first fiasco in 2009.”Put Mouscron on the Belgian football map. This is very bad news, but we must not give up now‘As Brigitte Aubert thinks.Our priority is to save the youth of Futurosport. They have dreams that do not have to collapse.

Does the mayor have any regrets? Should the city have done more and intervened earlier in the Excel calculations? “A year ago, I had already called management to CAM. We have put a lot of energy into allowing the club to find a buyer and clear the record. We might have done it sooner, but it’s too late to make excuses‘ Brigitte Aubert continues.

It cannot be undone. Excel will only find the professional world if the club and its partners (IEG-Ville de Mouscron) give the means available.

‘We have to roll up our sleeves’

We must roll up our sleeves and unite as in recent weeks.“Making the right decisions with the right people is undoubtedly what the institution has been lacking for several seasons. As such, the municipal authorities have had a role to play, even if secondary.”I met Gerard Lopez a few weeks ago. Perhaps I should have gone further, being more demanding with him and direction on the future of Excel Mouscron‘, admits the mayor, who wants to do everything to save the club from bankruptcy. A bankruptcy that some observers have deemed ‘probable’ for a few months already.”The infrastructure, the location of Futurosport, the people who work there, we have everything for the club to restore color, thanks to local assets. Unfortunately, the deadline was too short to allow Excel to survive in the professional world. But I repeat, I am convinced that we can get through this together. We all have the same goal, and we can achieve it if we work hand in hand.

Perhaps the crisis cell (of which the mayor was part) will turn into a reconstruction cell …

David Vacary ‘Not Worried About Math School’

if he didn’t say ” I’m not surprised From the sentence issued on Tuesday afternoon, David Vaccari remains calm for the ambitious project of the future sports school in Mouscron.

On the Futuro website, the budget for this sports center is 15 million euros. Indeed, City are hoping to win huge subsidies from the authorities, even with the club relegated to the amateur category? ” Many young people take football courses, but sports school is not only about football ”, recalls David Vaccari. Mouscron can count on Squadra (futsal), dolphins (water polo) and other disciplines that attract young people or local ambassadors.

But nothing compares to football.” Le Canonnier is our cathedral. Losing a high-ranking club is extremely harmful and can cause collateral damage. But let’s not forget that the club actually went through such a critical situation in 2009. The situation overcame without much damage . “

“With or without Excel, the project holds up”

According to Ministers Willy Pursus and Adrien Dolemont, the Mathematical School is completely independent of Excel Mouscron. ” The project is necessarily the most beautiful and most promising with a club in the first class, but independent. With or without Excel, the future math school holds up ‘, reassures David Vaccari.

The challenge will be to be able to attract and train young people in all disciplines of this future institution, including football, which is losing its main domestic offer … for the time being. “Mouscron will remain a football city. This situation must confirm one thing: it is time to rely on Futurosport, on local strengths that have not been sufficiently exploited. The Walloon government knows how to make sense of things and ministers are well aware of the potential of Futurosport and the sports school”, he concludes A local council member for public education.

If all goes well by then, it makes sense that the project will see the light of day in June 2026.

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