BrainBox AI breaks through by installing AI-driven energy

The new partnership marks an important step in SAIL’s journey towards sustainability as they seek to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of store operations

MONTREAL, 09 June 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BrainBox AI, a pioneer in autonomous artificial intelligence for the commercial real estate sector, today announced a deal with retailer SAIL Outdoors (SAIL), Canada’s leading outdoor equipment retailer, for the installation of BrainBox AI technology in its eleven retail stores located in Quebec and Ontario.

For SAIL, this agreement puts the company’s commitment to protecting the environment and the planet into action. This April, SAIL announced a collaboration with Earth Day Canada on the development of its sustainability strategy. The deal involves the two entities working together over the next three years, focusing on and studying the carbon footprint of SAIL’s operations. BrainBox AI’s energy optimization solution fits perfectly into this collaborative initiative as SAIL seeks to optimize existing systems through this project and reduce its carbon emissions across its retail locations.

“From the very beginning, a love of the outdoors and nature has been at the heart of great SAIL adventures. We are proud to have concluded this agreement with BrainBox AI, which will focus on increasing our energy consumption, enabling the next step in our sustainability vision,” said Nicolas Gaudreau, Chief Marketing Officer at SAIL.

For BrainBox AI, the signing of eleven SAIL stores adds an additional 700,000 square feet of commercial real estate to the company’s widening footprint in multi-site retail space. The agreement also addresses new aspects of the company’s core product offerings for businesses in space, a true game changer in helping retailers make an impact on their carbon emissions in the broader fight against climate change.

Sam Ramadori, Chief Executive Officer at BrainBox AI, noted, “As we see more and more physical retailers looking for answers on how they can contribute to fighting climate change, we see an opportunity for our technology to help them. make that impact on a large scale. We are very pleased that SAIL has chosen to work with BrainBox AI as an important part of their sustainability strategy and their journey to reduce their carbon footprint.”

BrainBox AI solutions empower commercial and retail space owners to dramatically reduce the energy expenditure and carbon emissions of their buildings, bringing them one step closer to achieving their net zero carbon goals. To learn more, visit

About BrainBox AI

Founded in 2017, BrainBox AI was created to address the dilemmas currently facing the built environment, its energy consumption, and its significant contribution to climate change. As an innovator of the global energy transition, BrainBox AI’s game-changing HVAC technology leverages AI to make buildings smarter, greener and more efficient. Working closely with our trusted global partners, BrainBox AI supports real estate clients across a wide range of sectors, including office buildings, hotels, commercial retail, grocery stores, airports and more.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, a global AI hub, our workforce of over 150 employees, bringing talent from all sectors with a common thread is in the business of healing our planet. BrainBox AI works closely with research partners including the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Data Valorization Institute (IVADO) as well as educational institutions including the Montreal Institute of Artificial Intelligence (MILA) and McGill University. For more information visit:

About SAIL Outdoors

SAIL Outdoors Inc. is a Canadian retailer of outdoor clothing and footwear, as well as camping, hunting, and fishing gear. The company was founded in Quebec more than 40 years ago and currently has 8 points of sale in Quebec, 4 in Ontario, and an ecommerce website serving all of Canada. The company’s mission is to provide an authentic and complementary customer experience for every outdoor enthusiast so that they can fully enjoy their time in nature. SAIL is known for its broad product offering and omnichannel experience.

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