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Posted on April 24, 2022

The festival proposed by Ploërmel Communauté, entitled Brocéliande Sports Nature, will take place from Thursday 12 to Sunday 29 May 2022. The event created in 2013 is very popular and eagerly awaited for this release, due to 2 cancellations, due to the health crisis in 2020 and 2021. However, the festival is no longer part of the Fête de la Bretagne, as it was before, which does not change anything, given the motivation of the organizers to present an exceptional moment to all participants and visitors …

The majority of the activities offered, whether sporting, recreational or cultural, for this eighth edition, will take place in the village, located on the site of the Lac au Dock Marine Recreation Base, in a green environment. Rest assured, work on the Lac au Duc dam is coming to an end and the road to the Naval Base will open to traffic on Friday, May 6…

On Wednesday 20 April, Alain Hervé, Vice President of Culture and Sports at Ploërmel Communauté, and Jerome Jagory, Head of Sports, gathered around the organizers of the various events of this festival in order to present the festival programme. Fun days. Everyone had a few minutes of talking about their discipline…

The sponsor of this eighth edition of the Brocéliande Sport Nature Festival is Vincent Combes, owner of the Eciques de Kerviolo de Loyat. He competed in the French Trec Championship, and became the Vice Champion of France as an amateur, in 2021. The competition included several events whose goal was to highlight the qualities of the horse/rider pair.

the program:

Thursday 12 May and Friday 13 May

Childhood and education occupy an important place in the Ploërmel Communauté. The festival presents a real educational project for school children by addressing topics such as sports and its values, respecting the environment in a fun way! Jerome Jagory and Eric from Childhood and Youth Service explain…

Over two days, 600 students will benefit from 20 sports workshops led by sports coaches or service providers and 10 will focus on the environment.

The audience will discover an exhibition proposed by students and produced in class, with recycled materials: it will represent Lac au Duc and its surroundings.

Wednesday, May 18:

Young people from IME Les Bruyères will get together and organize a joint sports challenge around activities related to nature.

Saturday 14 May

From 10 am to 6 pm:

Sport, environment and culture come together to celebrate the dynamism of associations and about thirty workshops, with the aim of discovering, enjoying and enjoying the many activities, initiatives, games, traditions, Breton games and tasting, for pleasure for some, out of competition for others: Breton games – climbing – adventure course – aerial trampoline – golf – archery – baseball – giant chess board – hand bike – snowboarding – art of movement – fishing – motorbike – truancy – beach tennis, beach volleyball, beach ball – gouren – snowboarding – judo – aikido – yoga – exercises Streets – kayak – paddle – pedal boat – sailing – wakeboard – tow buoy.

-Stage show :

Botwaq: Serving all afternoon

Hazelnut Dance: 12:15 pm on stage and 3:30 pm on stage

-Natural village : Fishing simulation – Water in all its forms – Cork flower – Pauline – Les Petits Débrouillards – RMN – CDOS 56 – Terhao – Toutangran

– community space : PCAET – PAUE – Mobility – Ludik Energy – Interfel.

Open the doors at the Naval Base with water skiing at a discount.

Lake Pass:

Trail du Lac Reserve, for 1000 expected runners, 8 courses for a multi-generational sports programme. In fact, in addition to the traditional distances of 9 km, 18 km and 27 km, there are races for children so that they can follow in the footsteps of the elderly!

Nordic Walking will complement the race program with a 15-kilometer track, during which priority will not be for the competition, but the pleasure of walking along the paths rich in diverse vegetation.

– Finally, a parent-child duo relay race, with an 800m loop each and a final duo loop to finish the day.

The event and atmosphere will be family friendly: “The organizers are looking for volunteers to secure the course!”


9 km: Departure 10.30 am – 18 km: depart 3.30 pm – 27 km: depart 2 pm

kids race:

1 km – 2 km – 4 km – departure 2:30 pm

North March: 15 km: Departure 2:05 pm

Parent-child succession: 2.4 km: Departure is 6 pm.

– Festive Lake Nights: from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm:

A festive and musical meal, hosted by the Faze group, made up of students from Lycée La Mennais, then DJ Anim’Music continues into the evening on the beaches of Lac au Duc!

On-site catering: Basque chicken and apple tartlet: €10 per person.

Sunday 15 May

Outside garage sale: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.:

This event, organized by the PatPlo56 Association, will be decorated with sports and music entertainment: a climbing wall, an adventure path … The benefits of this day will allow to prepare a comfortable care for cancer patients.

Paddle Race: Competition on the water from 10:30 a.m.:

Two races: 8 km or 4 km open to all, consisting of a loop around a lake or dock, on a closed and safe body of water.

Cycling and hiking in the heart of Brocéliande (Campénéac): 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

First edition with 40 volunteers, to trade and walk through the Landes, Moulin de Rohan, Château de Trécesson and discover the natural sites of Brocéliande. 9 km family circuit, suitable for strollers…

5 mountain bike circuits: 25km, 32km, 37km, 42km and 50km (5€)

4 walking trails: 9 km, 13 km, 16 km and 18 km (4 EUR)

Randoro Motorcycle: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This event, organized by the association Ploërmel Moto-Verte, is an opportunity to enjoy complete safety for fans of enduro motorcycles, on a marked circuit that crosses the municipalities of the territory.

Open Water Race: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm:

The Ploërmelais federation of swimmers is organizing its first edition of the open water race in Lac au Duc, offering 4 courses:

For each level or each age: 4km, 2km, 500m (Coupe de Bretagne stages), as well as a 3 x 500m relay with family or friends, at the end of the day. Open to licensees and unlicensed.

In order to reassure the participants, Ploërmel Communauté takes the lead in the water samples that are sent to the ARS.

Saturday May 21

Gourmet tour from 4.30pm:

At sites steeped in legend and history, and through 4 routes: 9 km, 12 km, 15 km and 18 km. The public will taste the local sandwiches and sandwiches on the shores of Lake Comber. At Point-Clos, a former flight camp, he can sit around grills over a wood fire. On arrival, handcrafted pastries and a hot drink will be served in a festive and cozy atmosphere.

Bike Party: 10am-6pm:

The Polen Association wants to raise awareness of where cycling and quiet travel are in public. Several stands and leisure activities will be offered as well as a 12 km circuit with free access from Ploërmel to Taupont with treasure hunts and heritage visits: accessible from 5 years.

Catering on site.

Saturday 28 May

Tales over Hill and Valley: Brusselland…

Storytelling on foot to the legendary sites of the Val Sans Retour, with detours. Designed for seasoned walkers, this walk through swamps and woods promises wonderful moments between jungle scenery and wonderful stories at the foot of the host Viviane, the mirror of fairies or the rock of fake lovers.

Golf Cup: 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Pierre, Principal of the Golf School, will be organizing fun workshops to discover the discipline, so as to break the clichés!

The individual index competition is counted in three series: The Strike Game and the Stableford. A youth series will be offered to children who have been expelled from a golf school.

Ploërmel Triathlon, from 11 a.m.:

The first version is in two formats:

For the first edition, the Ploërmel Triathlon is open to as many persons as possible, both licensed and unlicensed. XS event: 400m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km in the morning allows the youngest and those who want to learn more about triathlon to rub shoulders with the most experienced in a short and accessible form. The S event: the 750m swim, 20km and 5km run, in the afternoon offers two formats: the traditional individual performance event or the possibility to share the effort in the spirit of the relay team.

NEW: The lane challenge has been introduced:

Working together means sharing experiences and resources

– Trail du Lac: Tauponte, May 14

– Do Jian Train: Campignac, July 24: (Do Jian track = 21 km and Rohan track = 14 km)

-Grail Trail: Neant-sur-Yvel

– Charming Train: Luyat (Night: 12 km and 28 km)

Urban Corridor: La Sale Character: Josselin (4th ed.)

Many local runners will participate in these races. Ranking will be made and points awarded!

At the conclusion of the meeting, the organizers conveyed and thanked all the partners.

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