Between desire for change and disappointment, immersed in the ballot papers of the people of Mortani or Birch

Until the end of campaigning for the first round of the 2022 presidential election, France Info gives you the word: From Monday 4 April to Friday 8 April, we listen to your expectations, voting intentions, hopes and frustrations. I met political discussions with the French while traveling.

Presidency 2022: Reporting in Mortani or Birch by Benjamin Eli

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Departure from Paris, direction Mortani or Birch in County Orne. During this 155 kilometers between the highway and the countryside, first stop at a rest area that also contains a gas station. Two of the employees take a thirty minute break there, the only one of the day. “I will vote because I want it to change”Lydia immediately said. his priority? Its purchasing power that ‘Decreased significantly in a few years’this 61-year-old woman scars. “The prices are too high.” She earns only 1,000 euros a month, because she works only part-time. Nothing out of it.

“I’m running. I don’t eat at the end of the month. I eat chicken eggs”

Lydia, 61-year-old employee

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calendar : I will vote against the current government.Lydia says. His teammate Fabian, 54, will do the same. you will vote “More to the right, but not far to the right”, Emphasizes. Their ballot papers will be for Marine Le Pen. “The far right to me is Eric Zemmour.” In her words, the candidate of the National Rally “It is more to help the French”. “I think she’s changed. I wouldn’t have voted for her before.”

in Mortagne-au-Perche, a town of just under 4,000 inhabitants, François Fillon came first in the first round in 2017, with 30.83% of the vote. In the second round, Emmanuel Macron won 68.8% of the vote. The abstention rate in the second round was 26.28% of the vote. In the middle of the city, this guy “Don’t vote anymore because they are just stupid”. Brigitte, a 64-year-old fishmonger, “Vote anyway” but she’s waiting “To have honest people”. Want the next president of the republic “Try to make sure there are much lower fees” For small traders like it. “People should be able to work without being overburdened, and we can hire them when we need to.” Operated by her son. “He doesn’t even get a salary. They live on his wife’s salary.”

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The city’s electoral boards and some posters have already been torn up. Only a portion of Jean LaSalle’s piece remains. “It’s very unfortunate. People don’t believe him anymore.”, sorry for a nearly 81-year-old woman. She can’t believe it herself “Not much”. However, she will continue to vote on Sunday. “In our time, we vote. Older people vote.” Her husband of 90 years has a choice “Stop too” On the nomination of Marine Le Pen. Feel a little lost. “In the beginning, it could have been Valerie Pecres but she’s in the cabbage… So, what do you want to do?” It is possible that they are planning to give suffrage to the incumbent. “I love her better than Eric Zemmour. You’ll get rid of it.”as you say, a bit fatalistic.

“My priority is work, of course.”says Martin Ramit, the clairvoyant of Mortani or Birch. “I would like it to be more dynamic, so that young people no longer go outside twice but to find work in the area.” she said to herself “hesitating”A few days before the first round. ‘Certainly like many French’, she admits. The seer draws the tarot for the president’s candidate. On the star maps. “It’s very good but there is also moderation so it won’t be easy to win.”

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