Argelès-plage / Carnival Café: the reopening of a legendary place that lights up the nights of the coast

There is a carnival-cafe, a quiet place … only in appearance, because from the early hours of the night this restaurant-musical-bar lives to the rhythm of summer

You enter like “Casita” from the Dominican Republic, in its original version!

Jipé and Juju did a real job: As essential as expanding toilets, Heritage (photo above) like this counter where you can lean comfortably on your elbows with a magical view of the depths of the Bois. Real natural painting!

The Carnival Cafe It is one of those places, those landmarks, that allow us to capture the season of summer, to find ourselves in time, the space of summer. Meanwhile, a Jean-Philippe Sarrat (jeep) and Julian Gallus Jojo, in charge of the place for a long time, is not the type to do things in half, last night to reopen the site summoned an intense sweetness to accompany human warmth, enough to quench all thirst elsewhere in this turbulent period of events, disturbed by the news ( international)

Great Carnival Café team. From the kitchen to the dining room, from the table to the balcony: the “pros” of the trade!

For this summer, he saw Jipé and Juju (hiding behind)…big!

Gibby and Patrick Bean, President of the Powerful Association of Argelès-Plage Craftsmen and Merchants (ACAAP)

This is too Carnival Cafe : a local, instant, easy-to-reach destination, for funny travelers “Who stays here to leave”. You bring it into a park, and immediately, point blank, sequentially, straightforward, there are flashes that perish.

We imagine ourselves at Robinson’s dream door, among shallow lagoons and mangroves, while in the midst of nightclubs as colorful as the alleys of Quito’s historic center, immersed in the crowd, carried by shivers of eccentricity, in the crowded atmosphere worthy of the prevailing atmosphere in Djemaa El Fna Square in Marrakesh.

This is a secret Carnival Cafe : An atmosphere of barely over three hundred square meters makes you shake, taking you through all the climates of the earth. Because on the sand was built this music restaurant next door to celebrities pine – the natural pride of the Argelès’ inhabitants on the beach, their lush forests – and just a bathing suit away from the Mediterranean.

Close your eyes and open your ears, go into the world of fashion: parade, coconut trees, parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing, windsurfing, diving …

Arno, DJ Noon. He’s been there for thirty summers: he’s part furniture, and his turntables (and his talent) are the foundations of Carnival Café! He knows how to inhale the spirit of the age, reveal futuristic songs to all his peers and place them between the two standards of Motown jazz; With his crazy musical imagination he lifts the linoleum all yours. magic! From then on we understand why she ruled for so long, vocally of course, during the nights of the coast. talent ! There is a rumor that at that time he made the Tautavel man dance … but that was before!

With Patrick Jimeno, one of the most loyal people in the place.

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