Anti-aging shopping: Here are the 5 best sunscreens to draw at the first rays

Summer is coming. There is no doubt about the choice between protecting your skin from the sun’s rays and preserving it from the signs of aging. Today, sunscreens combine the two. The guide with these five essentials.

In terms of cosmetics, the appearance of wrinkles is undoubtedly one of the main concerns of women. Erase the signs of the passage of time, slow down the hourglass as much as possible… In short, you’ll understand: incorporating anti-aging products into your skincare routine is essential today. Eyes, forehead, face, neck, chest… Each region takes it to tidy up and even more in the summer. The sun’s rays will have an aging effect on the skin. So this year, we’re taking the lead in choosing a sunscreen that combines protection with anti-aging.

1. La Roche Posay: Anthelios is the right age

The brand famous for accessible and highly effective skin care, Advance this year Daily Corrective Image Therapy. Once applied to the face, this SPF 50 cream protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays but also reduces wrinkles and corrects dark spots. What can you enjoy the sun without worrying!

Anthelios Correct Age sun care, La Roche Posay, €16.96 hurry

2. Darphin: The Sun’s Pleasure Cure

Always with SPF 50 – The most effective protection Which guarantees you a nice tan – Darphin offers an anti-aging sunscreen Prevent skin damage from sunlight, moisturize and smooth the skin. Throughout the day and after exposure to the sun, you keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated. Plus, its texture, with its intoxicating scent, is silky and easy to apply.

Anti-aging sun care SPF 50, Darphin, €35 hurry

3. Paula’s Choice: Restorative Day Cream

Tired of having too much product in the shower? Don’t panic. The brand making a fuss over TikTok shows Regenerating anti-aging day cream spf 50. Suitable for normal to dry skin, apply like a regular day cream in the morning but Provides you with high protection all day long. Ideal for dry, mature and dark spot-prone skin.

Anti-aging day cream SPF 50, Paula’s Choice, €13 hurry

4. Shiseido: anti-aging facial sunscreen

In the summer you can not stay in place? Between swimming in the pool, biking or diving, you are very active. Then Shiseido’s Age Defense face sunscreen is for you. A real achievement of innovation and technology, This cream with SPF 50+ protects your skin, even when it comes in contact with heat, water or sweat. It also prevents the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines caused by sun-related skin aging.

Age Defense Face Sun Cream SPF50 +, Shiseido, €37 hurry

5. Physiodermie: face and body sun care

We often forget that The body also needs a little boost level of anti-aging. This cream with a non-greasy formula provides a Serious anti-aging protection. it contains plant stem cellswhich helps to Slows down packet loss The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And everything is delicately scented.

Anti-aging sun protection SPF 30, Physiodermie method, 150ml, €69. hurry

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