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FFCK press release

The FFCK’s “MINI PAG” National Committee is responsible for new activities targeting young people as well as volunteers and/or professionals who accompany them on a daily basis within the clubs. Two major events take place from May 26-29.


• Offer our young graduates a fun event on the values ​​of coexistence and sharing

• Create dynamic animation within regions, and finalize an official event

• Discover and promote a practice site

Principle of MINI PAG National Events

• Hiking + games/challenges (both marine and land) regarding colored paddles and support,
• Co-building and event organization: Host country + CNMP . members

Herault: Mars

In the heart of Herault, there is a lake like no other. Eight clubs take on the adventurous challenge of the little Mini Pag around Salagou Lake, it is first and foremost the contrast of the water and this arid landscape. But it is also a geological richness and biodiversity almost unique in the world. This combination creates a wonderful playground for the different activities that we will offer you!

Morbihan from May 26 to 29, 2022

The Management Committee of Morbihan has chosen to engage this activity in two distinct areas between land and sea. First from Thursday to Friday, it will be held in Ethel, on the coast, then from Saturday to Sunday in Pontifie, on the canals in Brittany. . On Etel, teams will be welcomed from Thursday afternoon. The teams will be housed at the Etel camp site located near the naval base and shore. During the weekend, teams will receive cold food baskets at lunch so as not to waste time, and in the evening hot meals will be served on the table. Breakfast will be served every morning at the table before you set off on your adventure.

In search of Etel . treasure

At Etel, the topic will be “The Hunt for the Pirate’s Treasure”. Teams will be offered games in different boats with orientation and naturally awareness of the fauna and flora of the Ria d’Etel. The pirates of the future (who come in disguise!) will start making a flag (think of your team name!) before they each receive their Road Book this weekend.

In search of Corrigance Pontife

In Pontivy, the theme will be “Looking for Corigans”, and several activities will be presented on Saturday: approach to safety techniques in outdoor pools, kayaking polo, water cycle discovery, Youth Olympic Games. On Sunday it will be a group boat trip (Dragon Boats 10 and 20 places, Canopus).


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