An all-out battle in Korez to clear the pass over the Vizier River as the World Canoe and Kayak Championships approaches

The worlds of kayak and canoe cliffs will take place next week in Treignac. In the small town, everyone is busy to get ready for the landing day. Vézère will be a boating stadium, so we have to get rid of trees that could be dangerous or could be annoying to the athletes.

On the outskirts of Vézère in Corrèze there are chainsaws, tractors or even earth-moving machines, the driveway must be cleaned and all dangers to the athletes avoided. The organizers of the World Canoe and Kayak Championships at Corey’s don’t want to miss anything. Because he must win hosting the World Championships for the third time.

So for months now, Treignac and her community of communes have been working hard. In particular, so that the 12.6-kilometer river is cleaned due to competition from annoying or dangerous trees.

A real work for specialists, such as Romain and his company based in Chamberet in Corrèze.

Rivers are a thing, it’s a bit complicatedRoman Tunisia, a specialist in dangerous cutting, explains. Access is complicated. Each tree has its own peculiarity. Sometimes they are simply on the edge of the bank, we can pull them out. But there are times, we just can’t get to it at all. It’s just a portable equipment, sometimes you have to go to tackle the big trees, right in the middle of the gorge “.

Annual cost of a site funded through close cooperation between local authorities: €36,000. A hundred trees were cut down in the fall, fifty this spring. But it’s also about leaving a lasting mark that transcends the duration of worlds.

Here we are on a construction site on the outskirts of Treignac. Which is located in the heart of Vézère Worges. In fact, here was a path that was prepared for 2000 worlds. Since then, it has deteriorated severely, and today we use this path again to allow rescue workers easy access to the river. warns Nicholas Granger, Director of Technical Services for the Community of Vézère-Monédière-Millesources Municipalities.

Treignac merchants and associations, everyone plays the game, windows are decorated, and free animations are suggested. One week before the event, the organizers iron out the final details.

Today we are going to improve a bit in terms of logistical equipment and then in particular in terms of organizing volunteer schedules, because that is a very important block of work. Over 400 hours of missions are distributed over eight days ‘,” insists Stefan Prado, chair of the Provincial Kayak Committee.

Three hundred people will be mobilized to sponsor one hundred and eighty athletes from 20 countries, and it is expected that there will be about fifteen thousand spectators.

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