Alonso lifts the veil on the underside of his achievement with Ninho and Naps

Promote his new album “Northern Regions”Alonzo for interview at code employment Apple Music. During this interview, the rapper in Marseille trusted the balance between His private life and professionHis passion for fashion, his admiration for Ninho and above all else The underside of the feat with the latter and the nap.

“I wanted to nap on one title and Ninho on another.”

Alonzo never stops restricting media releases of Communication guarantee Created by his new “Northern Regions” Released May 20. During the last period he spent in codethe Marseille rap personality didn’t fail at thatOvercome the circumstances of his achievement with Ninho and Naps. ” I wanted Naps on one title and I wanted Ninho on another. So I consulted with Naps first, we were going to set up a studio the day after. My album, all my solo tracks have been completed. Because I always start with my solo piece. I find this to be the most important. I find the exploits, let’s say on the tree, are balls and garlands. I call Ninho. “.

“Ninho says to me: Yes, well. Yes, there is no problem with the album. We have already done two songs together…” So I told him: “There won’t be much heroism,” he said to me: Who will be there? I say to him: There will be a nap, and he says to me: There will be a nap?! What if we sing a song, you and I take a nap? I told him: Yes, why not. Honestly, I haven’t seen him like that but he can give. I consult naps, it works. bubble! I take the train and with a nap we go to Paris. “, HExplain before addingAnd there in the studio, the magic happens and we had a very, very good time.. »

Everything but the shape

Then he was asked about What does he think of Ninho?Alonso was full of praise for the latter. “Without vicious words, I guess you see how he called his album, his last album, Jefe… Well, that’s it, that’s it. “Alonso said of his admiration for Ninho before he decided,” In 2022, we won’t twist our ass 10,000 years, it’s him. Well, I don’t even know what to tell you. There you are, the man who sings. What he says, his melodies… You see, there are melodies but like I said about me, he’s still a rapper. Because there are still artists today, the ratio level … 70-30. There are 70% composed. Ninho loves to sing too, watch out. But he is a rapper. So there is nothing to be said, it is he. I wish it had been for a very long time. “.

It means that when I’m on a feat, whether it’s with Ninho or someone else, even if we’re going to take on a touching topic, we’re going to talk about daronnes, I’m going to want to beat them. We’re going to talk about a girl, I’m going to want to defeat her. Ah yeah, I’m not here to shoot. Rapper Psy 4 De La Rime concluded that he always wanted to be the best in the business.

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