abnormal. The Immersive Restaurant, Taste the Fantasy of Tomorrow?

A submarine entirely dedicated to a gastronomic experience, this is a project of the Dutch company U-Boat Worx

Courtesy of U-Boat Worx / UWEP

Will the ultimate gastronomic experience be eating individual food as close as possible to marine animals? A manufacturer of submersible vehicles intends to push the limits of the restaurant meal by installing a chamber in a submarine capable of diving to a depth of 200 metres…

Menu, tables, bar…everything is there to look like a restaurant, with the difference that the room is submerged at 200m depth. This experience is amazing because it is planned in a submarine. Foodies with claustrophobia abstain! This is the crazy project of the Dutch company U-Boat Worx.

The company, which develops underwater exploration equipment for scientific or tourism purposes, has designed an area of ​​150 square metres, flexible for special occasions such as a wedding or a seminar, which can accommodate up to 120 people, not to mention the staff. the bolt is equipped with a bridge that provides access to the surface; Allowing guests to watch the scene between cheese and dessert.

This underwater restaurant is able to stay under water for 18 hours, which makes it possible to market itineraries that combine snorkeling sessions with meals, with the aim of exploring the depths of a particular marine area. At the moment, no launch date has been set by U-Boat Worx. But with this surprising and unusual project, we can imagine everything!

Above all, it fuels the concept of an immersive gastronomic experience. We are not talking here about tables that are supposed to elevate our senses with the help of giant screens and 3D sound, like the restaurant Under de Sea from the collective Ephemera, which opened last March in Paris. It is more about dining in contact with nature – in this case the sea, in unusual rooms.

In 2019, architectural studio Snohetta revealed Europe’s first submerged restaurant, built in the far south of Norway. The rectangular building, submerged under water to a depth of five meters, looks like it has been stranded in the North Sea. The diving suit thus becomes useless for observing the marine animals at the table of this restaurant called Ender (below in English). And don’t think it’s just a tourist attraction. The Michelin Guide awarded a star to the gastronomic practice organized by Chef Nikolai Ilitsgaard and his brigade, about a score intentionally centered on locally caught seafood. When will there be restaurant stands with a “Dinner Submerged” category?

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