A look back at Slalom’s first champion race in Pau

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The event began with two qualifying rounds in the traditional format, and saw Czech Teresa Viserova and Switzerland’s Thomas Koechlin win in kayaking, while France’s Emma Vuitton and Czech Jacob Krejsey imposed themselves in the kayak. Some surprises, with top seeders missing out and putting the paddlers ahead when we didn’t expect them to be this high!

explosive final

Before listing these final stages, let’s take a look at the course highlighting great work by Janus Petrelin and Jerome Blanchett. Consists of 12 doors including 4 stopsalternately stunnedAnd extreme rotation and roller crossings, forcing athletes to Make strong technical choices. Contestants will have to take as much risk as possible by extending their tracks, sending heads off while staying as close to the poles as possible in the hope of winning.

6 pm: general briefing

All the finalists had a date at the briefing, with the bibs handed out and a reminder of the different rules and peculiarities of the look that the Aquasports Pau park team envisioned. A big fight is announced, at the end of the briefing all the finalists have twinkling eyes and a desire to take the fight.


Lady C1

Teresa Viserova © Romain Perchicot

Czech Teresa Viserova dominates the competition. After winning the qualifier 3 seconds ago, she returned the cover 4 seconds ahead of the French Angel Hogg. Czech Martina Satkova He will take the third step of the platform. In the juniors, the Spaniard Atletico San Sebastian lear goni He wins before the Czechs Adriana Morenova And Olga Samkova.

C1 man

Jules BERNARDET © Romain Perchicot

talented Michael Trav prevail over the French Jules Bernardette Who had the best scratch time but was relegated to second place due to a penalty kick. Local and experienced Pierre Antoine Teillard The 2016 Pau World Cup winner is third with a track without a penalty kick. among the little ones, Emilian Stadium From CK Amou, member of Pôle Espoir Pau, wins ahead of two Spaniards from Atletico San Sebastian Mark Vicente And Emad Markel.

K1 lady

United States victory © Romain Perchicot

In women’s kayaks the standard was very uniform and the performance very high. Laya bothersAnd America’s victory And Emma Vuitton He fought a tough battle, from qualifying to the final. The Ukrainian secured a final victory against talented French rookie Emma Vuitton, while Spain’s Laia Soribes completed the podium. In the little ones, it’s Czech Katrina Fehlov Who wins ahead of the Spaniards? Liz Johnny and his native Hesia Segura.

K1 man

Edgar Pregent © Romain Perchicot

stage location Edgar Pregent Take first place by performance The perfect round in the final. The Swiss Jilindo Sherrillo The Spanish Olympic David Llorente Follow him closely in the heart of the ultimate electric! Note the excellent performance of Lukas Estanguet, the first junior in front of a large part of the European elite. The small platform sees the Czech Republic Martin Rudorfer He took second place, followed by the French Emilian Stadium.

Celebrations with ZuluPack

© Roman Berchicot

A ceremony on the podiums with great fanfare, where the winners were honored and presented among the youth with beautiful endowments from ZuluPack, among the elderly with good financial prizes. At the end of this moment of exchange and sharing between participants, volunteers and the public, a fireworks display came to conclude this beautiful day of kayak slalom at the water park…

See you in 2023!!!

© Press release Aquasports Park in Pau

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