A former hostage lifts the veil on the arrest of five MSF staff members by ISIS

A former staff member of Doctors Without Borders lifted the veil on Thursday in a US court in connection with her abduction in Syria in 2014 with four of her colleagues by jihadists from the Islamic State (ISIS). Swedish Frida Seid, who spoke at the trial of one of her alleged jailers, spoke of three months of captivity, kept secret for a long time, part of which was under the control of guards with a British accent, nicknamed them “The Beatles” by their prisoners. This managing director arrived in Syria in November 2013 to work in a hospital run by MSF and lived in an MSF home with nine international colleagues.

On January 2, 2014 “Five of us were at home”She said on the witness stand. “I went to shower, when I heard loud noises outside.” Soon, an armed, hooded man smashed her door, tossed her clothes, and escorted her outside. She was put into a car, handcuffed and blindfolded, like her colleagues. For a month, these three women and two men were moved from one prison to another, where they found other Westerners who had been kidnapped by the Islamic State. They have little freedom of movement and speech but, On January 31, three Britons arrived and that changed everything.Frieda Said explained to the jury.

The other hostages, who had already dealt with these “Beatles,” “described to us a psychopath without any moral bounds. We soon realized that was a good description.” These three men appear ‘Very aggressive’ to their prisoners. ‘They were full of hate’Especially towards the Americans and the British. In mid-February, the hostages were transferred to another prison, where 25-year-old American Kayla Mueller was already there. For over ten weeks, the four women will share the same cell, discuss, kick games… Sometimes the Beatles visit them and show they’re a bit stricter with Kayla Muller. day “They told her that there was a jinn or a demon inside her, and that they knew horrific ways of expulsion.”Said Frida Said.

So, when the trio of MSF employees announce that they will be released, they demand the release of the American as well. “It made them very angry.” After their departure, the young woman was handed over to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who, according to US prosecutors, turned her into a sex slave. In 2015, Pakistani intelligence will ensure that she died in a Jordanian bombing, an account that US authorities have questioned. His death and the killing of three other American hostages led to the trial of Al-Shafei Al-Sheikh in the United States. This 33-year-old man who has been stripped of his British citizenship is accused of being one of the “Beatles” at EI.


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