A day on the water in Canoe Kayak and Paddle between Koreys and Dordogne

It is now an inevitable race. The 2022 edition of The Integral Dordogne gathered nearly 400 participants on Sunday, April 17, in the early morning. In the program, 130 kilometers to cover the road between Argentat and Castlenaud-la-Chapelle. The kayaks and paddles, in total, were nearly 250 boats on the starting line at 6:45 a.m.

Let’s go in the 130 km race between Argentat and Castlenaud-la-Chapelle. Since 6 a.m. this Sunday, April 17, 400 participants have gathered for a must-have: the integrated Dordogne. A total of 250 boats. For this long-distance competition, some chose the StandUp Paddle, others chose the Canoe-kayak.

Among the contenders, are big names in these two areas. It must be said that over the past ten years, this race has developed and flirts today at a high level. “In 2006 it was just an adventure and today it is a competition. She is a French Champion in StandUp Paddle UDL (Ultra Long Distance). Little by little, people immersed themselves in the game. Initially, the goal was to reach Catselnaud for 130 kilometers, today, there are real races and strategies.’,” stated Philip Marchegay, Race Director.

It’s been 7 years since the Integrated Dordogne relied on canoeing. In this thirteenth edition of the race, nearly half of the participants”rowing standFor the second year in a row, they will compete in the French SUP Ultra Long Distance Championship.

Away from competition due to Covid-19 in recent years, foreign competitors are starting to make a comeback. The English, the Belgians, the Spaniards, the Swiss, the Italians … In total, there are twelve countries represented on Sunday, April 17th.

This year, the integrative Dordogne welcomes first-time 2017 StandUp Paddle World Champion and 2018-2019 Vice World Champion: Hungarian Bruno Hasulio. However, he is a favorite of racing in uncharted lands.

Regulars are also present, like the French, Olivier Dariomarleau (World Masters Champion), Florent Doudi (5 wins in Dordogne Intégrale) or even Emmanuel Marcon (current French champion) and Fanny Tissier (French SUP team).

New this year: Introducing the title along with SUP, evidence that Paddle practice is evolving.

Lovely people also on the kayak side. For example, the triple winner of the integrated Dordogne, Nicolas Lambert or even Jean-Francois Boucher was linked again on Sunday with Peter Bau.

Three-time champion at just 23 years old, Lucille Moreau is now the top candidate.

Along the Dordogne River, in a perfect spot for a win or a simple paddle boarding fun, pros and amateurs will cross the Curies, Lotte and Peregord.

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