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    Pro Sailing Tour: First stop at Bonifacio

  • 1 second season

  • The Pro Sailing Tour was launched in 2021. The Ocean Fifty class wanted to have their programme, to sail their boats as much as possible, so they built a staged circuit in different cities over four days of sailing with a large 24-hour course and two days of racing between three pontoons: “We start this year with ‘small races’ that have a factor of 1 and finish the long course, a factor of 3! So it will be necessary to focus to the end.

    Last year, when you were doing well outside, she gave you a small start and you could have started the beach poorly,” explains Quentin Flamenc, second last year who intends to do even better!

  • 2 five steps

  • If the circuit started in Corsica, the Ocean Fifty would rise to the Atlantic and even to the English Channel. Five phases are planned, including three in Brittany. And in Brest they will put their bags aside: “They are all exciting. I didn’t know Corsica. Very happy to discover this landscape, but I am too nervous to find myself stuck in the weather and the tactical level. Brest will be nicer because we have moved into the summer. In Saint-Quay, there will be a lot Of rocks and currents.And the final dash between Cowes and Roscoff, I can’t wait to see what path we’ll be able to take!

  • 3 eight sets

  • If this was the first leg of Corsica, there would only be seven of them after the Armel Tribune capsized at 1,000 miles Les Sables, for the rest, there should be eight of them: “It’s great because the fleet can still grow. And the really good thing is that This fleet is homogeneous, and everyone can win. And everyone works together, and the teams help each other. On the other hand, on the water, it’s war (laughs) ”, Loose Flamenk, who, like his opponents, will want to rise to the highest rung on the podium.


    episode 1 : Bonifacio (May 11-15); Part 2: Brest (22-26 June); the third part: Saint Brieuc Bay (June 30 – July 3); part Four: Cowes (5-6 July); Final step: Roscoff (July 9-10).


    Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Solidarity at Peloton Arsep); Gilles Lamere (GCA Group – 1001 Smiles); Sebastian Rogues (Premiumial); Sam Goodchild (Lytton); Quentin Flamenc (Arkema); Erwan Le Roux (Koissio); Eric Peron (Komilvo). (Absent from Bonficacio: Armel Tripon (Les P’tits Doudous))

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