a barrier. Pro Sailing Tour: Corsica Inspires Quentin Vlamynck – Sailing

Day two of competition at Bonifacio for the first stage of the Pro Sailing Tour. After colliding the day before, the two Ocean Fiftys of Gilles Lamerie (Groupe GCA-1001 Sourires) and Sebastien Rogues (Pirmonial) remained in port on Friday.

The Primonial crew had to give up. After seven races, Team Quentin Vlamynick (Arkéma) leads the way ahead of this Saturday’s 24 Hours Challenge, with 150 miles remaining.

Standings (after 7 races):

1. Quentin Flamenc (Arkema) 50 points

2. Sam Goodchild (Lighton) 44 pts

3. Sebastian Rogues (Premónial) 43 points

4. Eruan Le Roux (Koisio) 42 pts

5. Eric Peron (Komilvo) 32 points

6. Thibaut. Fuchel Kamo (Solidarity Peloton Arsip) 31 points

7. Gilles Lamerie (GCA Group – 1001 Smiles) 7 points


Alex Bella (Arkema): “What are the conditions here at Bonifacio! For our crew, things are going well, even if the fleet is very tight. The boats are sharp, and the level is very consistent. There are great fights! The water body is technical, there are slopes, points, a little stream. There is everything to enjoy…”

Pablo Santordi (Quezio): “There is a lot of play in every race. Once you make the slightest mistake, you pay cash. On the short courses, the starts are very important. You have to keep an eye on changes in the wind, look for the windiest areas and then get past the buoys. Coastal races are great, it’s a pleasure. I am really glad that you are racing in such an amazing place!”

Clement Giroud (Komilvo): “Overall, it is very positive for us because we are observing and trying to confront ourselves with others. For our crew around Eric Peron, this is new. There is still work to be done, but we are here so that Eric understands his boat well with the goal of taking a good ride on the Rom Route” .

Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Solidarity in Peloton – ARSEP): “It’s so much fun! We just won the fifth race and we’re very happy. There is always a lot of ups and downs, but we finally have a taste of the success we lost yesterday. Sharpness there every minute. We must not miss anything and succeed in every maneuver and in every tactical decision-making process.”

Sebastian Rogues (Premium): “Our priority now is to repair the boat and do everything possible to be in Brest, the second leg of the Pro Sailing Tour. We have the ability to get up and we will create a great technical team that will take charge of the boat here in Bonifacio. We could not have hoped for a better start to the competition, with such great harmony in The team. We have the ability to grab the podium, and that’s what’s so frustrating about this story. The cohesion of the group is very important both on the part of the sailors and on the part of the teams at shore.”

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