a barrier. Minor damage to Bonifacio in the Pro Sailing Tour! – a barrier

The wind, very light in the morning, increased gradually this Thursday in Bonifacio. The first course was contested at 6 knots, the second and third at 10 wind knots, and the fourth, a coastal course that moved the fleet to the south of the Laveise Islands, at 15 knots.

The second season of the Pro Sailing Tour kicks off Thursday, May 12th against Bonifacio. (Lloyd Images/Pro Sailing Tour)

At the start of Stage 4, Gilles Lamerie’s “GCA” trimaran collided with Sebastien Rogues’ “Primonial” and caused damage to both trimimarans. “We regret this collision and we hope that they will be back in competition soon. The buoy is damaged, the team is mobilizing to carry out repairs and put everything in place to return to the circuit as quickly as possible … ”explained Gilles Lamere.

On the Primonial side, the right buoy was damaged. Seb Roggs was clearly unlucky during the early days of the Pro Sailing Tour: we remember that last year in Brest, he freaked out in Brest Harbor in the first race. This did not prevent him a few months later from winning the Jacques Fabre Transat in Martinique with Mathieu Saupin.

Standings (after 4 races):

1. Quentin Flamenc (Arkema) 28 points

2. Sam Goodchild (Lighton) 27 points

3 – Erwan Le Roux (Koisio) 21 points

4. Sebastian Rogues (Premiumial) 20 points

5. Eric Peron (Comelvo) 19 points

6. Thibaut Fushel Camu (Solidarity in Peloton Arsip) 14 piasters

7. Gilles Lamerie (GCA Group – 1001 Smiles) 7 points


Sebastian Rogues (Premium): “We are right on the windward from Koesio, well positioned to get off to a good start.” Group GCA-1001 Smiles “Arrives with no priority, I imagine he can’t see us, and he’s fast arriving between 15 and 16 knots. A knock is inevitable. There’s a shock. We’re in the worst of it. We’re so disappointed that we’re done with 1st and 2nd place and the chemistry between the crew was good. The conditions were incredible and our team is strong and united.”

Gilles Lamerie (GCA-1001 Smiles Collection): We slipped under the fleet to position ourselves. We got stuck in Primonial float. It was 15 knots, it started sending, and it hit hard. It took us so long to disengage, and we were no longer able to maneuver. I feel sorry for Seb, his team and his sponsor. We feel Disappointed, we were glad to be here. We’ll help Seb repair and pack on our damaged buoy so we can get back to competition.”

Stages of the Pro Sailing Tour 2022

Episode 1: Bonifacio (May 11-15); Episode 2: Brest (June 22-26); Episode 3: Saint Brieuc Bay (June 30 – July 3); Episode 4: Cowes (July 5-6); Final stage: Roscoff (9-10 July).

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