a barrier. MINI in May: Pierre Le Roy won after “passing all states” – sailing

Therefore, it will take the TeamWork team leader 3 days, 3 hours, 10 minutes and 35 inches to cover 385 miles of the Mini track in May. To tell the truth, he’s gone 450, or even 500 miles “because we did a lot so close in this race,” he laments.

Mentally, I went through all the states.

The brilliant winner of the 2021 Mini Transat in Guadeloupe, on top of his Raison number 1019, Lille resident Pierre Le Roy returned to the 650th circuit on this mini in May, which was sold with 100 entries: 13th, 5th, 3rd and 3rd in the same race, was a predictor Météo France waiting for his fifth participation to win. And it wasn’t easy: “We’re not going back to the mini-circle as an operator.”

You have to be it, get hurt. So, Le Rui, who is living in a “fun transitional year”, trained before: “I knew I had to tear myself away.”

In the lead with good progress, he actually had to tear himself away from climbing towards La Trinité to leave in his wake the prototypes Bertrand of Jacques Delcroix and Manuard of Hubert Maréchal, respectively second and third, giving him a run for his money.

“Mentally, I went through all the states during this race. I did beautiful things but also full of bullshit! It was very complete in terms of condition, and we had it all.”

Over a 385-mile course, he found himself for a moment under Max Spinker with 25 knots of wind: “Not a good idea, I broke off…”

Class40 . lens

Nice block, but also some hallucinations due to lack of sleep: “Sometimes you have fun and funny hallucinations. That was not the case at all.”

Pierre Le Roy went on to achieve this victory by hurting himself but he had a lot of fun. “Our boats are absolutely gorgeous.”

As for the rest, he imagines it on a larger, Class 40 monocoque: “I’m looking for funding to sail 40 feet for two seasons before switching to Imoca. I can see myself on the Vendée Globe, I love the open seas alone with a weather strategy.”

Pierre Le Roy, here with Yves Le Belvik, dreams of creating the Class40 project. (Photo by Philip Elias)



1. Pierre Le Roy (Staff) at 3 days 3 hours 10’35”

2. Jacques Delcroix (actual) 52′ 33′ behind first

3. Hubert Maréchal (Osons) 1:14:35.

20 are engaged.

Typical podium (left to right): Hubert Marechal (third), Pierre Le Roy (first), Jacques Delcroix (second)
Typical podium (left to right): Hubert Maréchal (third), Pierre Le Roy (first), Jacques Delcroix (2) (Photo SNT)

a series :

1. Hugues de Prémare (Pequod) in 3 days 4 hours 48 minutes

2. Jean Mar (Sport dans la Ville – Time for the Planet) 2 ’30’ from the first

3. Ulysses David (The Adventure of Ulysses) at 6’1”. 80 are engaged.

Serial podiums (left to right): Ulysse David (3rd), Hugh de Premiere (1st), Jean-Marie (2nd)
Podiums (left to right): Ulysse David (3rd), Hugo de Premiere (1st), Jean-Marie (2nd) (Photo SNT)

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