a barrier. International Maritime Week for the Mediterranean 15-18 April 2022: the port of Marseille again in the colors of SNIM for the Easter holiday

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For the hundred or so solos, duets and crews participating in the Mediterranean Championships, the 2022 edition, organized by the Société Nautique de Marseille, finally returns to the Easter holiday. This rediscovered date gives Snim one of its characteristics: presenting a strong weather spell frequently, which is typical of early spring. The excitement is in the heart of the Old Port, and competitors are ready for the stunning spectacle along the beaches of Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, spaces soon to host the sailing events of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

All on the water… 135 years!

Snim is an event that can’t be missed: the great international regatta on a magical body of water. But by commemorating this week’s torch that began in 1965, Socété Nautique teams remember that regattas were actually organized in the marvelous ports of Marseille 135 years ago, the date of the creation of Nautique, which has since ceased to assemble and sail the most beautiful units of the Mediterranean And beyond.

The big race

Since 2010 there has been a major race on the program for the biggest classes, as well as duets and solos. The principle of this race is simple: to offer runners the optimal coastal path, while allowing them to arrive before or in the early part of the night. Depending on the weather, the big race can start from Friday at 3pm, but the organization can also decide to postpone it to Saturday or Sunday, by notifying runners of an adjustment the day before the day in question.

Pierre Quiroga: Getting Started with Minutes

The 56th Edition Patron did not see himself lingering on Earth for the duration of Sneem. He accepted the invitation of the A35 crew from Minots de la Nautique, considering his role as an observer, more than that of a shock crew member. It is true that the performance of this young crew, whose average age is about 20 years, allows the recent winner of Solitaire de Figaro to take on the role without pressure; In 2021, they won not only their category in the Mediterranean classification, but also the prize cup awarded to the winner of the French IRC Crew Championship, in all categories.

under sail

On the water with a regatta on the horizon

In order to allow the fans of Marseille to go into the water to follow the regattas of the 56th session of SNIM as closely as possible, the operation “Regate en Vue” will be carried out by the teams of the Office de la Mer from Vieux- Port, Saturday 16 April from approximately 11:15 AM to 1 PM. The secret to the success of this initiative: allowing those on board to benefit from the feedback and learn the basics of regatta. The process, which has repeatedly proven its importance and usefulness, is especially accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. All information regarding seat reservation and purchase is available online at officedelamer.com website, Store section.

The 56 Sneem Program

Thursday, April 14:

Confirmation of measurement control recordings
Friday 15th April:

- 10:30 a briefing for the master,

- 3 p.m. is available at nautical departures for the big race for 0, 1, 2, 3, solos and duets (weather dependent).

Saturday 16th April:

- 9:30 a briefing for the master,

- 11 am available at sea.

Sunday 17 April:

- 9:30 a briefing for the master,

- 11 am available at sea.

Monday, April 18:

- 9:30 am Captain’s Briefing

- 11 am available at sea,

- Last possible departure at 3:30 PM.

- 7 p.m. Prize delivery


- Maritime Association of Marseille

- Henry Esquido, President

- Pierre Stahl, Vice President in charge of Regatta

- Chantal Benigni, Head of Naval Events

SNIM: International Maritime Week for the Mediterranean

Session 56, from Friday 15 to Monday 18 April 2022

- Calculation of Class 3 regattas for single, duo and crew Mediterranean championships

- Open to IRC and one design

- 100 crew

- Under the patronage of Pierre Quiroga

- Fantastic Race for IRC 0, 1, 2, 3, Solos and Duos

- IRC Race Committee Chair 0 to 3, Solitaires and my husband: Georges Korhel

- Chair of the IRC 4 and Monotypes Race: Corinne Aubert

- Jury Chair: Sylvie Harley

- Technical Committee Chair: Helen Self

- Volunteers: A team of 80 volunteers on land and on water

More info lanautique.com

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