97, 80,000, 1 … The numbers to know about the World Championships in kayak and polo in Saint-Omer

The countdown continues to fall before the start of the World Kayak and Polo Championships scheduled in Saint-Omer from August 16-21. Monday’s starting point was organized at the same competition site.


This is the number of athletes who will participate in the competition, which will be held from August 16-21. This represents approximately 66 teams from over 25 countries. We find great European countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland. But who says world championships, says teams from all over the world. Argentina, Hong Kong, Iran, Malaysia and New Zealand will be represented. It will also be necessary to rely on a team from South Africa. This world championship will be contested between the best men’s and women’s teams, and under-21 teams, men and women as well.


Every day, 250 volunteers will be mobilized at the site. Receiving the public, escorting the public, and serving food… The tasks are multiple. ” So far, we have received 240 registrationsExplains Gérard Cockebenbut, head of the Inter-Municipal Sports Office of the Pays de Saint-Omer. We would like to have more than 300 Reinforcements will come from the local mission of Pays de Saint-Omer. But also from Moreni College where six university students volunteered to help during the competition.

Six college students signed up to volunteer for the event scheduled for August 16-21.


There is only one unknown at the moment Says Christian Coupe, Vice President in charge of Sports in Urban Community at Pays de Saint-Omer. The audience is holding their breath. ” Hope we have good weather He concludes with a smile. Everyone wishes this event to be as successful as the Tour de France passed in Audomarois a few weeks ago.

There are still two basins under construction.
There are still two basins under construction.


In order to fund the event, several sponsors are needed. At the moment you will see about sixty companies, mostly from the territory, their names attached to the event. Entry ticket is a minimum of €100 and a maximum of €10,000. This is to supplement a budget that already benefits from aid from the region (80,000 euros), the administration (80,000 euros), CAPSO (80,000 euros) and the town of Saint-Omer (20,000 euros).

On the aquarium, Morinie College students discover the joys of kayak polo.
On the aquarium, Morinie College students discover the joys of kayak polo.

as far as possible

There is no set number here but everyone hopes to attract as many spectators as possible. ” The expected benefits are particularly strong for everything related to hotels and restaurants. Christian Coupe explains. Several initiatives will also be implemented for school children and university students between now and August in order to turn them into supporters of Team France so that it can count on strong support in its pursuit of the world title.

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