7 ideas for carbon-neutral activities to do while traveling

Responsible and virtuous tourism is a dynamic that starts from the choice of destination to the choice of accommodation, including the choice of activities. Here are 7 ideas for doing carbon-neutral activities while traveling.

Zero-carbon activities have a goal: fun, entertainment, but zero carbon emissions. why ? Because today, environmental protection and preservation of natural spaces prevail. Moreover, “returning to sources” and respecting ecosystems is a growing demand from travelers.

However, it is quite possible to reconcile a society based on pleasure and tourism. To do this, it is sufficient to simply change the paradigms and (re)discover activities that do not have an impact on biology. The latter reconciles the pillars of sustainable development with the essential need for leisure.

concretely? We forgo activities that pollute or disrupt animals and plants (Quad biking, jet-skiing, helicopter, cruise ship) in favor of pleasant activities. Here 7.

1. Hiking

Image credit: Shutterstock – everst

What could be more natural and carbon-free than walking? Without height, or rather muscular, it does not matter. Hiking is a way of life and a way to see the world. This sport, without affecting the environment or the body, perfectly reconciles the environment with tourism.

Step by step, the mind calms down. Bird hymns and leaf veins draw attention and dispel thoughts. Do you hear life around you? Even the slightest insignificant noise is suddenly heard. A bird on a twig, an apple blowing in the wind, a crackling ember, a fish jumping in the river. The muscles and heart work gently and offer you the most beautiful landscapes.

In fact, many beautiful and specially preserved places can only be reached on foot. Plus, the investment is minimal: a good pair of boots and poles and some technical clothing are enough for long walks.

Finally, all countries have a great hiking record, which allows you to walk all over the world. Spain and its sacred paths, Italy and the Maritime Alps, Scotland and its endless plains. Or Nepal and the highest in the world, South America and its heights in the footsteps of the Maya, the United States and its glowing valleys, New Zealand, Argentina and its huge glaciers, or Jordan. Its ancient cities are in the desert.

2. Bike


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Fond of the magic of a cycling trip? Or just a lover of a quiet walk? Cyclical tourism is indeed a carbon-neutral activity at the heart of utopian tourism. The bike allows you to swallow more kilometers on foot, without going into the performance and making you fall into bulimia in places you can see. Nevertheless, bike tourism, in keeping with hiking, remains an ode to contemplation and dispensation, a cult of the present moment and authenticity.

You can easily escape from the extra tourist circuits and break the frenetic pace of your busy life. But where do I go for a bike trip? Everywhere ! First in France (why not the Loire or the Basque Country?) but also in most European countries like Norway, full of fjords and fishing villages, or along the tattered coasts of Ireland.

Otherwise, much further, among the islands in Japan, in the Valley of the Roses in Morocco, in the rice fields of Asia, through Patagonia, the land of fires and ice.

3. Rowing

Rowing - a carbon-neutral activity

Image credit: Shutterstock – Sergei Domachenko

Built by Native Americans (canoe) and Inuit (kayak), these small light boats offer carbon-neutral excursions against a backdrop of adventure and an intense alliance with nature. The canoe, propelled by the paddle, allows you to explore lakes, rivers and even seas.

To travel quietly or on a long way along the water, prefer using a kayak. More stable and comfortable, everyone can access to its practice. Kayaking is especially suitable for the white water courses. But after all, every racket is free to adapt its practice.

One thing is for sure, a canoe or kayak excursion immerses you in complete silence and offers you unparalleled freedom. From the great Canadian expanses to the fjords of Northern Europe, through the sunny creeks of islands, anything is possible by kayaking.

4. Sailboat

sailing ship

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Let’s once again approach the low carbon activities while traveling through the water prism. Come and rub your shoulders with the endless scary sea and discover the unique sensations of sailing. Spinning through the sea canyons, experience the indescribable sensation of waking up in absolute blue. Listen to the sound of the waves. Watch the sails swell and take you to new heights.

Sliding on the water is good for nature but also for your well-being. Sea air is known to be an excellent natural stress reliever. Mental relaxation is complemented by the benefits of the sea or ocean on your body. Many platforms, including interpersonal rentals, allow you to rent a sailboat with or without a skipper.

It’s up to you to sail according to your desires: along the rosy coasts of Brittany or the plentiful bays of Corsica. Moreover, in the Mediterranean, along the white and blue villages of Greece or the colorful villages of Italy. Otherwise, in the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean, to land on the most beautiful beaches in the world in Polynesia, Seychelles, Thailand, the Grenadines or the Gallic Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

5. Geocaching

Geocaching - carbon-free activity

Image credit: Shutterstock – Damien Lugoski

While ecotourism and micro-adventures are taking root as sustainable trends, geocaching is establishing itself as an innovative activity. What is it ? Treasure hunt fun and high tech! The goal is to use the functionality of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to find or hide “geocaches” in many places around the world.

It is a watertight and waterproof container in which the identities of people who have already fallen into it and, on occasion, some trinkets are passed to collect them (subject to leaving some in return). From a simple glass tube to a heavy-duty travel bag: there are no limits as long as something doesn’t harm the environment.

Today, there are hideouts all over the world, in the heart of the city as well as in the heart of nature. Why success reaches millions of players? Because it is a carbon-neutral, accessible, fun and engaging activity. Precious “treasures” are rated from 1 to 5 stars depending on the complexity of their hiding place: a system that is especially pleasing to players.

In addition, geocaching is free and allows you to discover unexpected places from a new angle. To embark on this wonderful adventure, register on the dedicated site and download the free mobile application.

At this time when every destination wants to develop local tourism, geocaching seems to be a good way to turn lands into huge playgrounds. It also helps fight mass tourism by offering hot alternatives in places that tourists sometimes overlook.

6. By iron or rock climbing

Climbing through the Euphrates

Image credit: Shutterstock – Gyula Attila Hegedus

To wrap up our selection of carbon-neutral activities, take to the skies! Discover the latest sustainable cliffside activity closer to bird nests. From the most classic to the most adventurous, climbing routes are available today for all levels.

Whether you already have your gear and forearms stretched out, or you’ve never worn climbing shoes, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for. In addition to being green and sustainable activities, climbing and through ferrata are exciting activities that leave lasting memories. They make their lives tremble wildly, satiate lovers and love adrenaline.

Note, however, that the Via Ferrata is more fun than climbing. It is more suitable for children and beginners, and does not require extensive physical and technical skills. Aside from not feeling dizzy…

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