10 good plans to make this weekend in Fort-de-France, between culture and heritage – all the news about Martinique on the Internet

The weekend (May 21 and 22) is very rich in events associated specifically with the memory of the abolition of slaves but not only … a small non-exhaustive inventory of things to see and do in Fort-de-France.

1- Fountain myths

Three dance pieces that will delight their imaginative side, but not only, for the artistic technique of the Chaillot-Théâtre national de danse dancers. Nothing to say: The duo dance great. We really have a good time whether it’s parents or kids (view from 6 years old). And those without children: go ahead too! Myths designed, revised and largely corrected, it’s a very good plan…

> Tale in the Fountain: Saturday May 21 6.30 pm / From 6 years / Rates: 25 euros for adults and 7 euros for children / Atrium Tropic: J-Cazotte Street, in Fort-de-France.

Contact: 0596.

Fable in the Qilu Fountain

Photographer – Benjamin Mengele – Benjamin Mengele – Benjamin Mengele

2- Rene Louise’s performance

René Luiz, a visual artist from Martinique, tells us that it was “definitely his last great performance”… he chose the theme of “pilgrimage”. A poetic and spiritual journey, a walk among the performances of “Blues and Afro-Caribbean”.

It’s free and this morning at Tropics Atrium…

> The Rene Louise Show at 10 am, at The Latrium, J. Cazot Street in FdF / Contact: 0596.70.79.29

Rene Louise Art Gallery May 2022

– sorter@agmedias.fr

3- Gloria 22 m in Cermak

As usual, Sermac celebrates the 22nd, the evening before. So, with a show – with 50 dancers on stage – the capital’s cultural department will celebrate the abolition of slavery. Sing, dance, music, talk, fun time in perspective! Note that the opening will be to the sound of drums in the gardens.

Saturday, May 21, 8:30 p.m., at the Aimé Césaire Cultural Park in Fort-de-France.

May 21 at Cermak May 2022


4- Boat Show in Itang Zabrikot

Saturday May 21

10am-4pm: Turtle Caravan by Carbet des Science and Roots of the Sea-Rasin Lanmè Sea Turtle Show in Martinique

5-6 pm: Diving next to the preservation of the environment, a presentation of the actions carried out by the Society for the Study of the Protection of the Marine Environment.

5-6 pm: Design Thinking Workshop by La Boite à Possibles Collectively imagine the best uses of the sea through a Design Thinking workshop.

Sunday May 22

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.: Climate Mural / Ocean Mural Understanding Climate Change and Oceans at Play

5-6 pm Conference on the natural heritage and the discovery of the riches of the marine environment.

Saturday + Sunday

3D immersion in the Martinique Marine Natural Park Discover the seabed of our island: “Tell me about the sea in Martinique” with the participation of Coralie Palmi.

3D immersion with “meaning” in a sailing trip.

> Price: €5 / Free parking is provided at Dillon Stadium with shuttle service to Étang Z’Abricots / Contacts: 0696.45.08.48 and

Arrival in the village of Transat Cap Martinique

– F. Smith – By Smith. . .

5- FIAP live until Sunday…

The third edition of FIAP-Martinique, or the International Festival of the Performing Arts, continues until Sunday when the finale is in the form of a big rara with the Haitian brass band on the streets of the city.

Saturday May 21

* 9 a.m.: Marni Cuttack Show at La Française

* 10 a.m.: Artistic performance by René Louise – Hall of the Atrium

* 11 a.m.: Dedication to Elsa Durlin “Absedari for Current Women’s Movements” – Kazabol Library

* 2pm: Workshop led by Olivier Marbeau at Digital Lacaux (FdF’s port of departure for Guadeloupe)

* 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.: Evening show at Lakou Digital, followed by DJing Stephen Paradox and Afro-American Steve Martial

Sunday, May 22 at 3 pm: Rara Contemporary Clinics under the direction of Giscard Bouchot in front of the Cour Perrinon (Registration Square)

> Call: 0696.28.75.10 / Free and open to all

6- Sand Sculpture Festival

Samuel Girault (world ice sculpting champion) and his team of 6 sculptors create sculptures on the gray sand, including a skiff. For other acts, they are all over the heritage with the drummer or the martinis in traditional dress.

> To be discovered outdoors near La Française beach in Fort-de-France / free / 24 hours a day

The first statues in Fort de France

– Jean-Marc Etever

7- Transat Village on Malecon

The Transat Cap-Martinique winner arrived a bit early. Skipper Alexandre Ozon was first to cross the line in Fort-de-France, Friday, aboard his Sun Fast 3300, Trophée Estuaire Rose.

The village is located at the foot of the Lumina-Sophie Tower and many water and land activities are planned this week, on the French shore, including a free boat start on Saturday …

In addition, the city and restaurants have decided to put the small plates in the big plates with the “Voyage Gourmet All Flavors Away” process, until May 30th.

Emmanuel Les, President of Cluster Maritime Martinique, opened the second edition of the Martinique Boat Show, in the presence of representatives from the Governor, CTM, Cacem and Fort-de-France.

– Julian Philipakis

8- Sunday, May 22 in the Domaine de Tivoli

Sakitanou’s association with Terre d’arts, CTM, ADIPS and Konbit Rasin offers a 22m outdoor space:

7 a.m. – 9 a.m.: Grandfather’s Ceremony / Nyabinji Fiery Ritual

From 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.: Tanpo, Danmei, Pele, Matalon, Tabu, Tanbu Dibas

10 a.m.: conferences / “Ti Raoul: 22 Mé nou kriyé woulo”; Valerie Ann Edmund Mariette, PhD student in the history of The Abolitionist Process; Emmanuel Nossen “History of Ethnopharmacology”.

3 p.m.: Atelier Tanbo, Ladja, Pelley, Moma Pellet.

Good mange pie-a: soup, marinade, Dijon rice, etc.

9- 22 me la CTM: “Sé ta nou”

As part of the celebration of May 22nd, CTM-Collectivité in Martinique presents a rich and varied program with two highlights:

Sunday 22 am, 10 a.m. in Savannah: “Sé Ta Nou” https://www.martinique.franceantilles.fr/ “Kout ‘tambou Matinik” with about forty “prophetic” and “dansè” / Pelé: Danmyé, Bèlè an mòd Baspwent, Bèlè mòd Lisid, Lalinklè, Mizik Travay, Bèlè en mòd Sentmari, Kalennda, Mizik Travay.

10-22 PM from CTM: In the gardens

Sunday 22nd 2pm – 9pm at CTM Gardens in Plateau Roy Clooney:

2 pm – 7 pm: chouval bwa

2:30 p.m.: Making a pellet with K’zo

3:15 pm: DJ Killerz

3:30 p.m.: Apollin Steward’s novel

4 p.m.: High waisted by “Wot tay antan lontan” 4:45 p.m.: DJ Killerz

5 pm: moman bèlè with Renaud Bonard

5:45 PM: DJ Killerz

6 p.m.: Concert by Guy Marc Vadillo with David Obaga, Bidibe, Louie Sonia and Max Televi.


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